[Tweeters] New bird for Marymoor Park

Wayne C. Weber contopus at telus.net
Sat Jan 14 22:56:27 PST 2006


You weren't kidding about the flooded doggie park at Marymoor Park.
They just showed some photos of it on KOMO-TV news!!

Wayne Weber
Delta, BC
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Tweets - I went down to Marymoor today to check what the water level was.
It is decidedly higher than on Wednesday - about 4" higher.  About half of
the dog area is physically closed off.  I tried getting to the boardwalk via
the eastern trail.  With my 15" boots, I was barely able to get there, and I
managed the first 100 yards of the boardwalk OK, but that was all.

I got a surprise south of the east meadow, I found a Pair of wood ducks, and
with them was a beautiful male Mandarin Duck !

Definitely unexpected and definitely uncountable.

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