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Mac Knight mac_knight at charter.net
Sun Jan 15 11:02:01 PST 2006

Merri and I went to Spokane this weekend to shoot eagles at Lake Coeur D A'lene and to look for a snowy owl and bohemian waxwings in Davenport and along Highway 2.

Tom Munson gave us very good directions to the eagles and we went there on Friday, although it poured rain all day. Consequently, my eagle pictures show some wet, cranky birds, who would not cooperate and fly over the lake, picking up spawned-out salmon. I did get some nice perched shots, however.

Tom went with us on Saturday and we found a beautiful juvenile snowy owl on an old windmill on Highway 2 at milepost 256. The owl has been there for some time and has been reported often on Tweeters. He posed nicely for us while we all took a few whacks with the cameras.

We went on to Davenport and found a flock of 200-300 cedar waxwings in the top of a blue spruce. They would occasionally move to a nearby mountain ash, where they would pluck berries frantically, until one would spook, then they all took off in a burst of wingbeats. Tough to photograph, as they would only stay on the tree for about 5-10 seconds before they went back to the high roost. But I got a few decent ones. This was a new bird for Merri and me, so we were happy to find some, thanks to Tom.


Mac Knight
Yakima, WA
mac_knight at charter.net

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