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I was cross country skiing one January up at Paradise on Mt. Rainier. It was
a blizzard, driving wind and blowing snow, visibility was maybe 3 feet. I
stoppped and debated continuing in these awful conditions. As I took a drink
I thought I heard bird song. I shook my head. But sure enough, there it was,
a burbling bird song. I was standing on a bridge and as I peered over the
edge a tiny bit of water was visible between huge mounds of snow. There
stood a dipper, singing away as if it were a sunny day in july and it didn't
have a care in the world. After that performance I decided to go on, and had
a truly awful day skiing. Later I figured that the bird was saying: What are
you, some kind of crazy monkey? Go home!

I had a three hour wait between meetings at Microsoft so I ducked down to
Marymoor park one summer. There was a gray squirrel who would hop into the
garbage can. The first time it came up, it had a french fry. A crow swooped
down and the squirrel dropped its find which the crow picked up and took off
with. This happened over and over again, about once a minute for three
hours. I just figured that the Marymoor crows have some kind of partnership
with the squirrels. I could not tell how many crows were fed this way, there
were never more than a couple of crows waiting at any given time.

Rob Sandelin
Naturalist, Writer
The Environmental Science School


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