[Tweeters] Friday morning at Wallace Swamp Creek Park

LINDA PHILLIPS linda_phillips1252 at msn.com
Fri Jul 7 16:24:11 PDT 2006

The Baby Cooper's Hawks at Wallace Swamp Creek Park fledged last week. There are three of them. They fly pretty well but sure are clumsy when they land. Lots of wing flapping in order to get their balance.
This morning as I approached their corner I saw one of the adults, I assume it was trying to find breakfast for the family. I got closer to the nest tree and began looking for the juveniles. I found one in a weeping willow tree hanging right over the paved trail. I could hear another a little further away but I never spotted it.
As I looked around I saw that the hummer nest that I thought had been abandoned a month ago was now the size of a ping pong ball with one little egg inside. While I watched a Anna's? came and sat on the nest. (I have a hard time identifying female hummingbirds) She didn't stay more than a second or two then continued to forage nearby along with another hummer. If I hadn't seen the nest I would have thought these were 2 juveniles. They seemed to be getting alone very well together, I heard one little squabble but not like I would expect from someone defending a nest territory. In fact I didn't get scolded for looking at the nest. Would this years hatchlings be making a nest of their own?
As far as I can tell the only male Rufous in the park left town a couple of weeks ago. That adds to the evidence that this is a Anna's nest. (unless she got pregnant before he headed for the mountains)
once I had my fill of Hummingbird watching I moved on and a little ways down the trail I heard something overhead I looked up and saw (I presume) the other adult Hawk breaking off branches and fling them to their fake nest in a cottonwood tree.
Further along my walk I heard an unfamiliar squawk. Something flew from a tree to the ground and a dog was trying to catch it. The dog's owner and I got the dog off and found a rather shaken Lovebird. It climbed on my finger but as soon as I stood up it flew away. I continued my loop through the park and I could hear the Lovebird again. It occurred to me that I might be able to rescue him since he came to my finger once, If I got him again I'd hold on. He was about 12' in a tree and he did indeed come when I held up my finger. I headed home and then took him to a pet store. Then I went back to the park to put up flyers about the found lovebird. I took my camera along and This time I found one adult and two baby hawks all very near the trail and the Hummingbird posed near her nest for me.
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