[Tweeters] URL / WOS Blue Mountain trip photos - from 20 to 82 pics

Ned McGarry ned.mcgarry at verizon.net
Sat Jul 8 08:17:26 PDT 2006

The link might help make life more convenient . . . DOH!


I have it set to load up 15 photos at a time. You can go through one page at
a time or click on ALL to be able to scroll through the entire gallery on
one screen. You can click on any image to enlarge it. I also discovered
yesterday that there is a slideshow option (top right). Then it will take
you through all enlarged versions at varying speeds. pBase is getting more
useful day by day.

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> OK, I think I'm done with the Blues for now.


> I've added 62 more photos of varying quality depending on distance and

> light available. Shots include my lifer Burrowing Owl, several more

> woodpecker photos including an Elk Heights Black-backed, and a few photos

> of birds with food in their mouths reminding me that lots of

> young/juveniles are being fed this time year.

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