[Tweeters] Gull Killing a Rock Dove

Brew BrewsHome at thewiredcity.net
Sat Jul 8 14:09:43 PDT 2006


This noon at the beach right along side Salty's at Redondo, I watched as a
Glaucous-winged Gull killed a Rock Dove. At the time I first saw it, the
Gull was picking up the Rock Dove and slamming it on the beach. While it
did this the Rock Dove was upside down but flopping its wings. The Rock
Dove finally quit moving and the Gull did what I'd call a "victory call" and
then proceeded to peck at it and eat it. About a dozen other Rock Doves
stood on the beach just a short distance away watching the process. It was
a very low tide at this time.

Jim Brewster
BrewsHome at thewiredcity.net

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