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Howell and Webb for sure, at least to have in the car. If you can stand to dissect the book, a bound set of the plates is useful in the field. But also Peterson and Chalif; even if some of the taxonomy needs revising, it's a great field companion. Recognize that you'll be encountering North American migrants, especially warblers, and you need to have a sure guide to all of them, including all the eastern species. The fifth edition of the Peterson Eastern Field Guide shows them all, of course, along with plates of some South Texas specialties which you'll see across the border. Lotsa fun. But I wasn't prepared for tropical foliage to be so dense that it's often hard to get good looks at little guys among the leaves.

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Tweeter folks -

I am finally making my first trip to Mexico (Puerto Vallarta area in
October). I'd appreciate recommendations on which field guide to

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