[Tweeters] Evening Grosbeaks Near Lake Wentachee

Lydia Bishop gizathecat at verizon.net
Wed Jul 12 09:10:36 PDT 2006

Hello Tweeties!

While camping near Lake Wentachee earlier this week my husband and I were
treated to the antics of several family groups of EVENING GROSBEAKS. They
were quite un-afraid of us and our puppy (on leash at all times or in his
"mobile home"). The youngsters were trying to do "feed me! Feed me!" on the
adult birds. They were pecking around a dry and dusty fire pit just a few
feet from where we were eating our lunch.

What was so interesting about the fire pit? Especially where there were
lots of pinecones strewn about the campsite.

One of the males seemed to have a much darker reddish breast. I tried to
get a photo of him, but he was camera shy. Before anybody thinks I confused
EVENING with BLACK HEADED, all the males had the yellow head bands! Just
one bird had a dark ruddy red breast. I assume this is normal genetic
variation because it looked like the other males in every other respect.

This was my first sighting of the Evening Grosbeak. Beautiful birds!


Near Lake Stevens, WA

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