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Pjgumbo at aol.com Pjgumbo at aol.com
Sat Jul 15 23:58:29 PDT 2006

Pretty amazing. Owls on demand! We trundled up the upper trail as
described, to my surprise seeing no one else for the quarter-mile or so. Nearing
site, it became clear there were others lurking and, incredibly, there were the
Barred Owls as well, changing positions just in time to catch our attention.

I believe I saw two adults, who moved several times while we watched. The
other observers included at least one group with a dog or two, and when
shortly after we settled in another dog-walker somewhat rudely walked through with
jocular greeting, we decided it was time to leave the birds alone.

This was about 8:45pm tonight.

Paul Johanson
Seattle, WA
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