[Tweeters] Seattle Audubon field trip to Naches Pass today

Eugene and Nancy Hunn enhunn323 at comcast.net
Sun Jul 23 21:39:44 PDT 2006


We had a fine day up on the King County line on the Cascade crest today. We hiked to Naches Pass from the end of FR 70, then drove up FR 7030 & etc. to Windy Gap and Kelly Butte. Hot but not as hot as down in Seattle.

Highlights include

10 CLARK'S NUTCRACKERS over and near Government Meadows, likely post-breeding wanderers'

1 male PINE GROSBEAK at the lower meadow at the end of FR 70 below Government Meadows; brief and distant but defintive;

a half-dozen MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRDS in the "ghost forest" north of Windy Gap, feeding young;

a half-dozen ROCK WRENS on the south face of Kelly Butte, with a recently fledged downy young;

one adult NORTHERN GOSHAWK near Kelly Butte, seen well by the fourth car;

one probably GOLDEN EAGLE flying away at Kelly Butte;

one juvenile sapsucker and one apparent hybrid RED-NAPED X RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER near Government Meadows;

one CHIPPING SPARROW at Government Meadows;

singing PUGETENSIS and GAMBELI WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS at Naches Pass, likely sympatric at this point;

good numbers of CASCADE FROGS.

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