[Tweeters] RE: what is the "Lower Columbia Basin" ??

Bill and Nancy LaFramboise billnanl at verizon.net
Thu Jul 27 19:29:44 PDT 2006

In answer to Wayne's suggestion that one ask Lower Columbia Basin Audubon
about its boundaries:

Lower Columbia Basin Audubon's boundaries are determined by National Audubon
and depend on where other chapters are functioning. It includes zip codes
in Benton, Franklin and western Walla Walla Counties. (cities include
Prosser, Benton City, Richland, West Richland, Kennewick, Pasco, Connell,
Mesa, and Burbank).

Lower Columbia Basin Audubon's bird checklist covers Benton, Franklin and
western Walla Walla counties including the Walla Walla Delta area.

Bill's column in Lower Columbia Basin Audubon's newsletter (The Curlew)
includes significant sightings from these areas plus Othello, Washtucna, and
the Potholes/Moses Lake areas.

Bill & Nancy

Bill and Nancy LaFramboise
Richland WA

On 7/27/06, Wayne C. Weber <contopus at telus.net> wrote:
Charles and Tweeters,

Perhaps you should ask the Lower Columbia Basin Audubon Society,
based in the Tri-cities, what area they consider to be their turf.
That would be one answer to your question.


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