[Tweeters] Mute Swans at Tennant Lake, Whatcom Co.

Wayne C. Weber contopus at telus.net
Mon Jul 31 20:51:52 PDT 2006


Nick Page reported yesterday on the Whatcom Birds group that there
were 5 MUTE SWANS at Tennant Lake, just outside of Ferndale.
These birds were seen a week or two earlier at nearby Lake Terrell,
so they appear to have been in the area for awhile.

It seems likely, though impossible to prove, that these birds
are stragglers from the Vancouver, BC area, where there is a small
but established breeding population of Mute Swans. (It's also
possible that they are stragglers from the somewhat larger population on
Vancouver Island.) If so, they would be "countable". I don't mean
to start a stampede to Tennant Lake, but a word to the wise should be

Good luck and good birding,

Wayne C. Weber
Delta, BC
contopus at telus.net

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