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Though not the norm, I have one four year old female Barred Owl on
Bainbridge that regulary uses a telephone line to perch on while hunting
the road edges.

Also, young Barred Owls are now out and about, flight capable. At this
age though, they incessently give a food begging call - an emphatic,
slightly rising "psssst!". They should also have some juvenile down on
their head.

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> I neglected to mention in the flycatcher report that on the way home,

> nearing the ferry landing last night, I had a BARRED OWL right out in the

> open--sitting on a telephone wire on the north side of the road very close

> to Kingston, specifically immediately west of the Kingston Estates

> property.

> I was pretty surprised, given that it was late but not dark, and I don't

> think I've ever seen a BArred perched on a telephone wire before.


> Scott Atkinson

> Lake Stevens

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