[Tweeters] Common Snipe at Lakewood Marina

squeakyfiddle at aol.com squeakyfiddle at aol.com
Fri Mar 3 17:24:56 PST 2006

This afternoon I flushed two Common snipe while walking along the shore 
path at the Lakewood Marina. Stopped to check out where they'd landed 
and found them with three others. These are the first I've seen in 
close to 8 years of watching birds at this location, and a life bird to 
boot. I hadn't even planned to stop there this afternoon.

My guide books all describe this bird as "solitary". A clump of 5 
doesn't seem solitary to me. Am I correct in thinking that they're 
migrating through right now? If so, where are they going? Any chance 
they'll stick around?

Catherine Alexander
Lakewood neighborhood
South Seattle

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