[Tweeters] Location of the Garganey Duck

Rolan Nelson rnbuffle at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 3 18:53:40 PST 2006

  Can you share with us the field marks you saw?  For example, is the male in breeding plumage?

Dealeymvd at aol.com wrote:
      I've gotten such a huge response from the Garganey sighting. Instead of writing to each one of you, I'll describe as best as I can the location that we saw the birds.
  We saw a pair, male and female at the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge. It's a drive thru refuge about 4 miles long. We saw the birds towards the end of the drive. Past the bathroom and look-out shack. Right when you come out of the line of trees there's slew on your left.  
  Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge is just North of Vancouver Washington. Take 1-5, take the Ridgefield exit. When you get into town turn left on S 9th St. The refuge will be on your right.
  My Sister was there last Sunday and she said she saw the pair as well.
  I hope they're still there this weekend.
  Ginger Dealey 
  Enumclaw, Wash
  dealeymvd at aol.com
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