[Tweeters] snipes

michael bacon baconmf at verizonmail.com
Fri Mar 3 20:02:23 PST 2006

hi tweeters- here is some info re: snipe nomenclature: in the book,PHOTO-GRAPHIC GUIDE TO THE SHOREBIRDS OF THE WORLD-david rosair+david cottridge -there are 18 spp. of snipes worldwide! common snipe/gallinago gallinago has circumpolar distribution-asia europe britain + northern n. america.3 races are known:gallinago-palearctic,faeroensis-iceland/british  outer islands +delicta-nearctic=wilson's.so it's a case of: stop, you're both right. wilson's is a race of common snipe according to this book... nice book if you LOVE shorebirds. on another note , i have seen as many as 15 snipes together over in the yakima river delta in richland last october 2005-  hope that helps -cheers,maxine reid -----------------------------maxine reid  ,tulalip bay ,wa .baconmf at verizonmail.com-                           

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