[Tweeters] Snowy Owls/ Fir Island

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Hi Neil & Tweeters:
The sightings are out on what people are calling the "spur dike". It takes off from the outer portion of the loop trail near the park benches. Go left about 1/3 mile on a dike road that angles off from the loop trail. It ends near the river (S Fork). Take a scope. When you get about 1/4 mile out on the trail, look out to the bay on the driftwood. The last one to see all the Snowy Owls out there was Tom Aversa I think. He reported on the WA Birdbox on Feb 21 that there were 8 SNOW out there.
Yours, Carol Schulz
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We are headed up to Fir Island tomorrow. The last I remember reading, most of the Snowies were off the loop trail at the Skagit Wildlife headquarters. Can someone please tell me if this is still true? Any other sightings around the Mount Veron area would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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