[Tweeters] smart hummers

Mary Ann Chapman machapman at the-mkt-edge.com
Wed Mar 8 10:00:41 PST 2006

"Until now, such a knack for timing had not been observed in wild animals,
and memory of specific events -- where and when -- was episodic thought
believed to be unique to humans."

Oh, right. I guess the fact that Scooter shows up at my chair every night
between 8:25 and 8:35, barks, and leads me to the treat jar means that he's
actually either human or a large hummingbird. And all the time we thought
he was a little alien in a fur suit.


At 08:18 AM 3/8/2006, carenp wrote:

>story in the PI this morning about the intelligence of a bird that has a

>brain one-seven-thousandth the size of the average human...


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