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Hi Tweeters:
I've had some questions about where Birder's Corner is located.  It's at the 
intersection of Dodson Rd, and Frenchman Hills Rd.
Dodson Rd should be called "Birder's ROAD".  About halfway between Vantage 
and Moses Lake, Dodson Rd goes south from I-90 at exit 164.  The road goes 
about 10 miles south to Frenchman Hills Rd.  This area is called the Desert 
Wildlife Area.  Here's what the Birder's Guide to WA has to say about it: 
DESERT WILDLIFE AREA - 35,100 acres of shrub-steppe, sand dunes, marsh, 
lakes, wasteways, and drainage canals south of I-90...  Watch for birds in 
the ponds, sloughs, and remnant shrub-steppe.  [The book cautions you to 
pull well off the road or you may get a ticket.  It is well-traveled.] 
Drive south 2 miles, turn left onto Rd I SW, and take an immediate right to 
parking and trails to the first ponds of the Audubon Dodson Road Nature 
Trail...  The book goes on to talk about other pullouts and many bird 
species along that road.  A little later in spring, we look for Swainson's 
Hawks in a small stick nest to the east just north of 4th SW.  On Sun, Mar 5 
we saw the cat ears of a great Great Horned Owl in a nest in a little line 
of Russian Olive trees on the west side of the road about 2 miles north of 
Birder's Corner.  Down near the south end of the wildlife area, you start up 
the hill at the insersection w/ Frenchman Hills Rd.  You can turn right here 
on FH Rd to view the ponds.  Many bird species can be seen on the ponds and 
in the nearby areas.  About 3 Burrowing Owl nests have been seen in this 
small area.  (The owls and the Swainson's Hawks should be returning soon.)
Birder's Corner can be located in DeLorme Atlas, pg 52, grid 4A.  Many 
details about the birds and roads and a nice map are in "A Birder's Guide to 
WA" pg 365.
Yours, Carol Schulz
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