[Tweeters] Wiley Slough 3/9

Rob Cash cash at whidbey.net
Fri Mar 10 12:53:24 PST 2006

There were three snowy owls at the end of the spur dike near the mouth of the South Fork of the 
Skagit. They were across the river. There was one eagle out there also. On the dike side, there were 
three mature bald eagles and what I take to be two immatures with a very interesting pumage pattern. 
It looked like they had started to molt to adult plumage.

There were six Greater Yellowlegs in a flooded field, at leasr four flocks of Golden Crowned 
Sparrows, Harriers, Bufflehead, and more of the usual.

There was also a pack of six beagles and a number of shotgun blasts, rabbit hunting presumably.

Rob Cash
Camano Island

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