[Tweeters] Birders!

Rob Sandelin floriferous at msn.com
Fri Mar 10 17:05:25 PST 2006

I was on my way to pick up some shrubs in Lake Stevens when in the field
next to the road an accipiter took down a robin, about 12 feet off the
ground, riding it down into the field. It was an automatic response for me
to slow down and a good thing too because the car in front of me saw the
bird also and made a quick pullout right in front of me, not altogether off
the road. I missed clipping the car by maybe an inch, and pulled off the
road in front of the car. The driver, an older woman, didn't even look my
way, she had bins focused on the hawk. Since I too was more interested in
the hawk than discussing her driving, I simply watched a bit then drove off.
I came back 30 minutes later after picking up a load of plants and passed by
the ladies car being towed. It appear from the damage I could see that
apparently her car got hit from behind. The lady was in the drivers side of
the tow truck so I assume she was not hurt.

If this is an adventure from somebody from tweeters, I regret not talking
with you to point out how narrowly I missed your car. Maybe you would have
reparked. Then again, maybe you would not, after all, whats a bit of car
body work compared to watching an accipter field strip a robin?

Rob Sandelin
Naturalist, Writer
The Environmental Science School


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