[Tweeters] Nesting Wren--Advice Needed!

Karen McMains mcmains7777 at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 11 15:11:28 PST 2006

I was very surprised this morning to discover a Bewick's wren building a 
nest inside the front handlebar bag of my bike that's parked on the side 
porch.  I think it only started the past day or two, although my indoor-only 
cat has been glued to the sliding glass door for about a week.  The wren is 
coming and going through a partly closed zipper whose opening seems smaller 
than the twigs that have already been placed inside!  Amazing!, however, I 
need some advice:
I have to use the bike, so was thinking about removing the handlebar bag and 
attaching it to the porch railing in about the same place, when the wren's 
out foraging.  Will this work?
The front door is only 5 feet away, and we use the porch daily.  How much 
activity is the wren likely to tolerate?
A neighborhood cat cruises the porch every day, and I've seen him with other 
birds, so he's a good hunter.  The neighbors will not keep him in.  Is it 
too dangerous for the wren to nest there?  Should I discourage it rather 
than encourage it?
Is it likely the male or female building the nest?
This is so sweet, however if satisfying my voyeurism (and my cats) isn't 
really in the bird's best interest, perhaps it should move on and build 
elsewhere before there are eggs to consider.  There's lots of habitat--a 
creek and greenbelt run right behind the house.
Any and all advice and anecdotes are welcome!
Karen from Bellingham

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