[Tweeters] Rufous Hummer

hrudkaj mary hrudkajm at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 12 15:11:54 PST 2006

Just had the first male rufous hummingbird of the season out in the black 
poplar tree in the west yard.  Of course he stopped by right at the time the 
feeder was in for cleaning and refilling.  Hopefully he didn't wander too 
far off.

My local hummers are about a week later than the past couple years.  Maybe 
all that snow at lower elevetions over in the Olympics had them hesitant 
about coming back.  Or maybe there was better scenery and snacks elsewhere.  
Still it's nice to have their high energy and high color back for another 

Mary Hrudkaj
hrudkajm at hotmail.com
Belfair/N. Mason County

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