[Tweeters] re: bird diseases and backyard feeders

Dianna Moore dlmoor2 at coastaccess.com
Tue Mar 14 11:22:17 PST 2006

"The wild birds spreading bird flu are entirely large
waterfowl -- ducks, geese and swans.  These birds
don't frequent backyard feeders. "

The neighborhood mallards spend about an hour a day under my tube feeders, 
cleaning up after the messy birds that carelessly spill sunflower seeds. I 
am not buying any more bird seed after this bag is gone....that old adage 
"better to be safe than sorry" comes to mind.

We have a large population of both ducks and geese on the local lakes, ponds 
and canals here in Ocean Shores. I worry about the fall migration if the 
virus is spreading north to south over the Asia to Alaska route.

Another real concern is the general public's (over)reaction to wild 
birds/fowl. Am I going to have a fight on my hands if I leave my feeders up?

Dianna Moore
Ocean Shores, Wa.
dlmoor2 at coastaccess.com

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