[Tweeters] Time to buy Washington DFW Watchable Wildlife decals

Rachel Lawson RachelLawson at softhome.net
Tue Mar 14 13:07:44 PST 2006

Our yellow DFW Vehicle Use Permits (parking stickers) expire soon, but,
this year, please consider buying a Watchable Wildlife decal.

The decal package includes the Vehicle Use Permit, a decal, a guidebook,
and a newsletter. It costs $28, but the revenue goes to fund "watchable
wildlife" programs, rather than the usual hunting and fishing stuff.
Check the DFW website for more information.

The decals can be purchased on-line on the website or from any vendor
that sells fishing and hunting licenses. The vendors may not have heard
of the program, but they should be able to find it on their computers.
If you buy from a vendor, they will give you the yellow sticker, and the
rest of the stuff will come in the mail.

Rachel Lawson

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