[Tweeters] Tired Already

Andrew Boyle andybgator at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 14 23:04:57 PST 2006

Hello, Tweeters.

We are half-way through our vacation here in
Washington and I am trying to hit as many spots as
some of you were kind enough to send me a few weeks
ago. Still without a Snowy Owl and it seems they were
right near me yesterday.

We stayed at Ocean Shores and we walked out Damon
Point in the freezing wind to find only a few gulls,
Dunlin, Sanderlings, and White-winged Scoters. Didn't
arrive until after 2. Do they only show early?

Maybe they don't like to be on television. We arrived
the same time as a KIRO news crew came out to do a
piece about the exposed boat out there.

Oh, well. Guess my last chance is Dungeness on

Saw someone mention Yellow-rumps. There were nearly a
dozen by the Holiday Inn/Shilo dunes area Tuesday
morning along with Fox Sparrows, Spotted Towhee and

Also, saw a Turkey Vulture just before getting to
Ocean Shores.

Will post about all of my sightings later but I had a
question about Guillimots.

Dp you ONLY get Pigeon out here or are there ever
sightings of Black? I swear I have a photo of a Black
version from South Worth ferry dock from last


Andrew Boyle
Orlando, FL

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