[Tweeters] Anacortes: VG Swallows, masses of RB Mergansers

Kristi Hein khc at picturesandwords.com
Tue Mar 21 10:24:44 PST 2006

Hello Tweeters,

Some seasonal notes:

Yesterday, a pair of Violet-green Swallows flew north over the trestle
portion of the Tommy Thompson trail across Fidalgo Bay.

(We're hoping that a nesting pair of Tree Swallows will soon appear and take
up residence in the new swallow nesting box we've installed by our garage --
instead of using the soffit vent into the garage, where they were nesting
when we bought the house last year.)

Also on Fidalgo Bay, over 100 Red-breasted Mergansers were gathered far out
on the water, in a restless movement of low leap-frogging flights. Common
Loons are in breeding plumage. Bald eagles are on the nest next to highway
20, seen from the TT trail.

and in our yard, three male House Sparrows tussling fiercely over a female.

Spring is here!

Kristi Hein

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