[Tweeters] Common Snipes at the Montlake Fill

JB Krewson jkrewson at qpass.com
Tue Mar 21 15:52:55 PST 2006

I know I saw some recent activity on this list concerning Common Snipes
in the area. My apologies if these are too common to merit a Tweeters

I've been reliably seeing a handful of snipes (somewhere between 5 and
10) at the Montlake Fill. They are usually lurking in the reeds just
West of the SE tip of the walking path. There's a small pond there that
is surrounded by marsh, and a short channel that connects the pond to
Lake Washington. The snipes hide there, and will make brief appearances
when startled, as they hunt for a new hiding spot. It's also a really
good area to see nutrias (nutria? What is the plural?) up close, since
(unlike the snipes) they don't seem to have any fear of birders.

J.B. Krewson
[Anything I say here is entirely my opinion, and not reflective of the
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