[Tweeters] bird of the week

William Kaufman beaux at u.washington.edu
Wed Mar 22 11:25:39 PST 2006

                When I was growing up in western Minnesota, in the thirties,
White Pelicans were common on large prairie lakes.  After WW  II they
disappeared, or at least were uncommon.
                 On  a visit to that region about five years ago,  I drove
around the lake where they had been common in the thirties and was pleased
to find them again.   They were common enough to frequent the pond at the
foot of a spillway, oblivious to the fishermen.
                  Returning to the hometown, I noticed a large flock of
soaring birds that turned out to be pelicans drifting on the prevailing west
wind.  Until then I had been unaware that pelicans soared.
                  A local told me that this occurred frequently and they
ended the trip at a large lake abut fifty miles to the east.  After several
days they would return.

                            Bill Kaufman
                            Woodinville, WA

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