[Tweeters] Spokane Co. Sandhill Cranes, Swan, Lincoln Co. Snowy Owl, Swan

Ron rmcclsky at mindspring.com
Thu Mar 23 09:22:22 PST 2006

Yesterday afternoon (March 22) I left Cheney about 4pm traveling toward Davenport.
Unfortunately, I was in a hurry, so could not spend a lot of time using the binoculars, but did spot some nice birds.

There were 3 swan in the small lake just before Malloy Prairie Rd.

I have been driving Drumheller Rd. as often as possible looking for the first appearing of the Sandhill Cranes. On this trip I saw about 75. Most were on the east side of the water in the usual spot (DeLorme P.72, A2). Last year I did not see any on the east side.

Turning north on Waukon Rd. there were about 30 swan in a flooded field about half way between Waukon (RR tracks) and Hwy. 2.

Then between Reardon and Davenport there was a Snowy owl sitting at the top of a long strip of snow about 0.5 mile east of Oehlwein Rd. on the south side of Hwy 2.

Sandhill Cranes and a Snowy Owl on the same day. A first for me. :')

Best wishes,
Ron McCluskey
Cheney, WA

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