[Tweeters] Keeping house sparrows out of nest boxes

Stewart Wechsler ecostewart at quidnunc.net
Mon Mar 27 15:56:49 PST 2006

When I was a kid we just fed the house sparrows to the Boa Constrictor. I
know some people feed their snakes thawed rats that they buy frozen. This
method of dealing with house sparrows could save the lives of a lot of rats
and maybe some bluebirds.

On a similar note I was once quite impressed by watching our Bullfrog on
Long Island (where the Bullfrog is native) swallow a House Sparrow that was
taking a bath in our pond. Though I didn't see it grab it. I first heard
the splashing of the sparrow bathing, then heard a big splash and turned
around to see the Bullfrog with a House Sparrow body and tail in its mouth
and the wings and head sticking out. I had my doubts that it would be able
to swallow the whole bird, but, though it took a good while, it did indeed
swallow the whole bird. I don't recommend feeding the bullfrogs here in
Seattle as it may increase the survival rate of this agressive non-native

Stewart Wechsler
West Seattle
mailto:ecostewart at quidnunc.net

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