[Tweeters] ODD Canada Goose Behavior.

Al Wagar alwagar at verizon.net
Tue Mar 28 15:25:13 PST 2006

Hi Rolan,

 Yeah!  I too was astonished by such behavior.  But  I¹ve seen geese dive
and come up chasing other geese.  The divers  seemed to be young geese, and
along with diving, they were somersaulting and kicking their feet in the
air.  I thought it might be ³adolescent behavior.² A year later, I again saw
geese somersaulting. But this time it was associated with a lot of wing
flapping and perhaps was some sort of courtship display.

Both observations were at the big pond at the Montlake Fill, and I took
video on both occasions.

Al Wagar

On 3/27/06 3:31 PM, "Rolan Nelson" <rnbuffle at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Greetings All,
> I'm sure that I'm still a LONG way from having seen everything, but here's one
> I can scratch off the list:
> At lunchtime today at the local pond I saw a pair of Canada Geese bathing and
> preening.  Then to my shock, they both dove out of sight!  They were under for
> almost 5 seconds.  At this point I sat down to watch.  A few minutes later,
> one of them did it again, and on several occasions they would dunk their
> heads, do a forward somersault onto their backs, and splash around belly up
> for a few moments.  The bathing went on for over 20 minutes.
> My question is: Is this diving and back flipping a common behavior that I just
> haven't caught before, or do we have a couple of weird geese here?
> -Rolan
> Rolan Nelson
> Fircrest, WA 
> rnbuffle at yahoo.com
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