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I do a lot of EU incidental birding.  There are many nice, convenient parks
in London proper (and nearly all European cities).  The species variety is,
of course, quite low.  I think I've got the same 20 "park birds" in every
major EU country.  If you have some time, I would suggest getting out of the
city center.  


If you have a half day, I suggest Richmond Park in Richmond.  This is the
old Royal hunting grounds.  It is a nice, large park on a hill above the
Thames with a fair amount of "wilderness".  It is easily reached via the
tube and a moderately long walk or a short taxi ride to the park.   You get
waterfowl on the river and the ponds in the park, open country birds and
forest birds.   There are also lots of deer.


If you have most of a day, you can also take the train (about an hour) to
Reading then walk (15 minutes) to Caversham bridge (next to the Holiday Inn)
and catch a boat tour up the Thames to Mapledurham. This is a well
preserved, and still occupied, manor house and estate.  It is very nice.
You get lots of waterfowl on the river boat, open country birds in the
pastures in front of Mapledurham, and forest birds around the grounds.  It
makes for a very nice day.  Take your camera.  There is a little local place
across the street from the Holiday Inn that has a great breakfast (bangers,
eggs, beans, and fried tomatoes).






Rick Taylor

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I am going to the UK in May and would like to do some consequential birding.
I will rely on public transportation and for the most part be in London and
its environs.  I have an excellent field guide but no real idea of where to
look or what to look for at that time of year.

Any suggestions on urban areas or day trips from London where to look for
birds and what I might expect to see?

Any ideas appreciated, and you may contact me off list.

Bryony Angell

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