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Hi Tweets

My most memorable story on Ancient Murrelets happened a couple of years ago 
when we had lots of them around Puget Sound. I was out at the fishing pier 
in Edmonds one morning with lots of Common Murres, Rhinoceros Auklets and 
Ancient Murrelets around. The birds were coming in very close to the pier, 
and several people were actively fishing that morning. One fellow through 
his line out, and shortly after began reeling it in with something active on 
the end. When he pulled it up he had an Ancient Murrelet on the end. The 
bird protested loudly as he held it gently and we both looked it over (from 
only a few inches). He then carefully unhooked the bird and released it back 
into the water. It sat on the water, ruffled it's feathers and proceeded to 
dive as thought nothing had happened.

Brian H. Bell
Woodinville WA
bellasoc at isomedia.com
Birding & Natural History Guide
author: Birds of Washington State, Lone Pine Publishing

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>I have seen Ancient Murrelets twice this winter. Once in January at Fort
> Flagler, three were flying towards Admiralty Inlet.  I viewed them through 
> a
> spotting scope on a calm sunny day with a strong outgoing tide.  The 
> second
> time, I was fortunate to see six during the Great Backyard Bird Count at
> Fort Worden.  It was on a day of sun and light wind from the southeast.
> Again on a strong outgoing tide.  I was using a spotting scope.  They 
> never
> seem to come very close to shore.  The birds at Fort Worden were flying 
> east
> into Admiralty Inlet.  No anecdote or very interesting story.  It's a
> priviledge for me to view this interesting bird.
> Bob Whitney
> Port Townsend
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