[Tweeters] Caliope Hummers

Bill Herring redherring10 at comcast.net
Fri Mar 31 16:15:25 PST 2006

Hi Tweeters -


I live in Maple Valley, and have been fortunate enough to attract Anna's
hummers to my feeder over the winter.  I started seeing Rufous hummers a
month ago.  This is the first time I have used the feeder year round, and
have only had it out for the past year.  Question: Do we get other species
in this area, such as calliope hummingbirds?  I appreciate any guidance


Bill Herring

Maple Valley

Redherring10 at comcast.net


Ps  A nice recent photo of a common grackle (we believe) sent by my brother
in Alexandria VA.  He called it "Reflection" and even though he is no great
fan of this species (he got a new lens for his camera), we both thought it
amusing, if not particularly noteworthy.

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