[Tweeters] Denny Granstrand's golden-plover photos

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Grace, Ollie, et al.,

I've been in and out of town so haven't been out much of late. Did they go to Vashon last Monday? Any luck? I can't go Monday but might try tomorrow.


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OK, I gave this a try, but mostly came up with questions.

Do the scalloped edges to plumage allow aging this plover as a juvenile?

I don't perceive any golden tones on the bird in the photos. Generally a Pacific Golden Plover will retain some golden tones in basic plumage.

The amount of wing projection past the tertials is not clear to my eyes, which is probably the most famous field mark to look for.

The supercillium mark is quite strong which suggests American.

Great photographs Denny!

I hope some more experienced Golden-Plover birders will share their opinions.

Ollie & Grace Oliver

Redmond, Wa

grace.ollie at verizon.net


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