[Tweeters] NEW NG Guide

Rachel RachelWL at msn.com
Sat Nov 4 16:20:39 PST 2006

I bought my copy at Seattle Audubon yesterday.  I like it a lot.

The 5th edition follows the new taxonomic order, with waterfowl first.
The latest taxonomic changes are included (even the Blue Grouse split)
and more North American rarities are added, so the new edition is about
20 pages longer than the 4th edition.  It is also about 1/2" wider, so
it's slightly bigger and heavier.  Print and image sizes are the same,
but the extra page width has been used to enlarge the range maps on the
left page and for handy thumbtabs on the right page.  There are flaps on
the front and back covers with quick-use indexes.  Although individual
illustrations for some species have been redone, most of them are the
same as in the old edition, but many species have been switched around
on the plates.  This might be confusing if you have learned the old
order.  The reproduction of the plates looks crisp and clean.  I haven't
had a chance to look at the text in detail, but it looks substantially
the same as the old text.

The list price is $24, and I think the book is well worth buying (but I
am a field guide junkie and HAD TO HAVE IT.)

Rachel Lawson
<RachelWL at msn.com>


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