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Nancy Lander nelrjb at comcast.net
Tue Nov 14 11:03:52 PST 2006

Hi Tweets,

I was sitting out in the yard counting birds in the sun today. I think the
numbers have increased by 50-200% this year from last. We have three black
oil feeders, two suet feeders and one hummer feeder out now. We live out
Petrovitsky across the street from Lake Youngs not far from Maple Valley.

What I have noticed is there were maybe 6-10, at a time, of a mix of
black-capped's and chesties last year, that I could count, and today I
counted at least two dozen or more at one time. We also see three
red-breasted nuthatch at a time where last year we would only see one.

We have many woodpeckers. Today one of the two or more of the resident
pilieated's (no noticible increase) has been flying around the yard and
calling all morning. We know they nested in the area because there was a
juvie last summer. There was a male and female hairy and a male downey and
they come to the suet regularly, both species nested in the area. I have not
seen the re-breasted sapsucker recently (working full time), but there was a
pair this summer. I saw a small flock of flickers, maybe 3-4 and one at the
feeder. They are so shy. I have not seen a flock of them before around
here, or anywhere for that matter.

There is also a small flock of steller's and maybe 3 at a time come to the
feeder, but there are more in the area. Last year, I think we would only
see 3 at a time. No crows thank goodness, although I have heard them around.
Ravens are hiding out too.

Under the feeders I saw four towhees frolicing and chasing each other. I
had seen 5-6 at a time last year, so maybe they have not increased in
number, hard to tell sometimes. There are two song sparrows, two juncos
(numbers should increase soon) and no other sparrows at the moment.

The thrill of the week was a group of three varied thrush, two males and
another we could not identify, tossing up leaves recklessly on Sunday.
Yesterday morning one male flew up on our bare Cascara tree outside the
kitchen window and sat there, knowing I was watching him, for at least ten
minutes. He was really showing his stuff. Last year, Paul Bannick came out
to photograph birds, and he had to wait for over an hour for the shy male to
come out of the bushes long enough to get a photo. It was a great one by
the way.

We also have resident coopers and sharpies that have got our number. The
coopers has been showing up in the Cascara regularly and chasing people
everywhere. Last year we saw them only two or three times.

I could be missing someone. I surmise that because we feed them, they have
our number. But we have been feeding them for nearly 10 years and the
numbers of sparrows and chickadees have significantly increased in a short
time, or maybe it was just a very good year? If anyone has any insite into
this, I would love to hear it on the list or off.

Nancy Lander
Renton, WA. 98058

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