[Tweeters] Tropical Kingbird at Magnuson Park

Adam Sedgley AdamS at seattleaudubon.org
Thu Nov 16 17:11:59 PST 2006

Emily Sprong and myself were with Dennis and Perri and we enjoyed
fantastic views of the bird from the road as we were leaving on Sand
Point Way. If you drive north on Sand Point, pull off when you are
directly across from the northern most building at Magnuson (#11, kayaks
on top). It was actively fly-catching from the bushes just on the other
side of the fence.

Perri had mentioned that it spent the morning on top of the conifer
trees directly north of Building #11 closer to shore. If that's the
case, you will need to follow Dennis' directions below.

Good luck!

Adam Sedgley
adams at seattleaudubon.org


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I just got home from seeing a Tropical Kingbird at Magnuson Park in
Seattle today. It was found by Perri Lynch, who called Seattle Audubon
office this afternoon, and they called me. I got some reasonably good
photos of the bird and heard it call. The call sounded like a Tropical
Kingbird call, perhaps subdued, but definitely the twitter that
characterizes that species rather than the very similar-looking Couch's
Kingbird. It would be great to get its calls recorded if anyone who goes
out there has a good recorder.

To get where the bird spent much of the day, drive into Magnuson Park at
the 74th St. entrance. Turn left immediately past the gate - and I mean
immediately - and head north on the road that parallels Sand Point Way
just inside the park fence. Go all the way to the end of the road, and
Building 11 will be on your left. Park there and walk around the north
end of the building, watching for the kingbird on all elevated perches.
It spent time in the trees near the building and in the trees and shrubs
bordering Sand Point Way, sometimes low enough that you really had to
scan the bushes. Bring a few flying insects with you, and good luck!


Dennis Paulson

1724 NE 98 St.

Seattle, WA 98115


dennispaulson at comcast.net

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