[Tweeters] Vancouver, BC RBA for November 23, 2006

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This is Wayne Weber with the Vancouver Natural History Society's
Rare Bird Alert for Thursday, November 23, sponsored in part by
Wild Birds  Unlimited, with stores in Vancouver and North Vancouver.
This message was updated at noon on November 24.

The RBA telephone number is (604) 737-3074.

at Nakusp in the BC Interior, a LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL at
Okanagan Landing near Vernon, a TROPICAL KINGBIRD in Seattle,
and a FALCATED DUCK near Eugene, Oregon.

Sightings for Thursday, November 23

A GYRFALCON was reported from an unspecified locality on the north
side of Boundary Bay in Delta. This bird covers a wide area, at least
from 88th Street east to 112th. Also, an immature GLAUCOUS GULL
was seen in a gull flock near the intersection of Highway 10 and 72nd
Street in Delta.

The BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHER was still present at Nakusp in the BC
Interior, where it has been seen almost daily by several observers.

In Seattle, WA, the TROPICAL KINGBIRD which has been present since
November 16 was seen again just south of Magnuson Park. For updates on
this bird, check the TWEETERS E-mail group.

Sightings for Wednesday, November 22

A SNOWY OWL was seen outside the dike at Brunswick Point, beyond
the west end of River Road in Delta.

PINE GROSBEAKS were reported from two more localities. Three
females were seen in the 1200 block of Durant Drive in Coquitlam,
and 2 birds were seen in the Lynn Valley district of North Vancouver.

Out of town, the adult LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL was seen again at
the mouth of Vernon Creek in Okanagan Landing, near Vernon. A
second-year ICELAND GULL was also reported from Maude Roxby
Park in Kelowna.

Near Eugene, Oregon the drake FALCATED DUCK was seen again
at the ponds near Exit 199 off Interstate Highway 5, where it has
been for more than a week. For updates on this bird, check the
OBOL E-mail group.

No sightings reported for Tuesday, November 21

Sightings for Monday, November 20

An immature NORTHERN GOSHAWK was dining on an AMERICAN ROBIN
near the parking area at the Alaksen National Wildlife Area in Delta, and
at least 150 TRUMPETER SWANS were seen in fields along Westham
Island Road.

Sightings for Sunday, November 19

In Seattle, Washington, a TROPICAL KINGBIRD was seen for the fourth
day in a row at Building #11 in Magnuson Park on Lake Washington
For further details on this bird, check the TWEETERS E-mail group.

A SNOWY OWL was seen for the second day in a row on the
marina breakwater at Blaine, WA.

A BROWN PELICAN was briefly seen flying south from Lions Bay,
and probably the same bird was seen flying eastward along
the West Vancouver shoreline toward the Lions Gate bridge.

Two AMERICAN AVOCETS were seen at the Serpentine River
mouth in Surrey, about 200 m east from the railway trestle, at
a locality where 1-3 Avocets have wintered in previous years.
This locality can be accessed from Mud Bay Park, off
Colebrook Road in Surrey.

In the Boundary Bay area of Delta, a GYRFALCON was seen along
Hornby Drive near 112th Street, and a BARN SWALLOW nearby.  At the
foot of 72nd Street, a PALM WARBLER was seen along with 20 Yellow-
rumped Warblers.

The year-long drought of PINE SISKINS has ended, with a flock of 200
seen in the 17300 block of 27A Avenue in south Surrey.
 Sightings for Saturday, November 18

At Lighthouse Marine Park on Point Roberts, WA, a BROWN
PELICAN was seen flying past in mid-morning. Also there

The GYRFALCON was seen between 88th and 96th Streets in Delta,
along the rough road which parallels the railway tracks S of Highway 10.
Other notable sightings were 12 late WESTERN SANDPIPERS near
the foot of 96th, and 8 BRANT in an odd location at the foot of
104th Street.

A PALM WARBLER was seen with at least 4 YELLOW-RUMPED
WARBLERS at the foot of 72nd Street in Delta, and 4 SHORT-
EARED OWLS were seen nearby.

At Burnaby Mountain Park in Burnaby, where Pine Grosbeaks have
been seen for several days, at least 35 were present, as was a MERLIN.

were seen along Marine Drive in Blaine, WA.

A SNOW GOOSE was seen in an unusual location with many CANADA
GEESE in cranberry fields along Allard Crescent east of 208th Street in

At Iona Island in Richmond, a blue-phase SNOW GOOSE was seen with
other SNOW GEESE, and a NORTHERN SHRIKE was seen nearby on Sea Island.

At Okanagan Landing near Vernon in the BC Interior, an adult
LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL was seen for the second day in a row.

A very late TOWNSEND'S WARBLER was seen in the Tsawwassen
area of Delta.

Sightings for Friday, November 17

A PINE GROSBEAK was seen in the 13800 block of 18A Avenue in
South Surrey.

A GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE was seen with about 1800 BRANT
off the pumphouse at the north end of Boundary Bay Regional Park in Delta.

An AMERICAN DIPPER was seen along Lynn Creek near Arborlynn Drive
In North Vancouver.

At Nakusp in the BC Interior, the BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHER found
on November 14 was seen again.

An adult LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL was found at Okanagan
Landing near Vernon in the BC Interior. Another one is currently
being seen near Coulee City in eastern Washington.

Sightings for Thursday, November 16

Three PINE GROSBEAKS, two males and a female, were seen briefly in the 14900
block of 24A Avenue in South Surrey.

At the Alaksen National Wildlife Area in Delta, next door to the Reifel Bird
Sanctuary, 3 more PINE GROSBEAKS were seen near the parking area at the
Canadian Wildlife Service offices.

Along 208th Street in Langley near the Yorkson Creek crossing, a BARN OWL,
a SHORT-EARED OWL, a drake EURASIAN WIGEON, and a hybrid

In Seattle, WA, a TROPICAL KINGBIRD was found in Magnuson Park
near Building #11, just off Sandpoint Way.

Sightings for Wednesday, November 15

A BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHER was seen for the second day in
a row at Nakusp, BC.

Sightings for Tuesday, November 14

A BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHER was seen and photographed with
a feeding flock of chickadees and kinglets in the town of Nakusp,
BC.  This appears to be the first record for the BC Interior.

Although it's some distance from BC, a FALCATED DUCK
which was found today at the Coburg exit (exit 199) of Interstate
Highway 5 just north of Eugene, OR may be of interest. This will be the
fourth winter in a row for this bird, which has already been accepted as a
wild bird by the Oregon Bird Records Committee. It is being seen in
two ponds next to a Good Sam RV Park, just off the freeway.

At the Reifel Bird Sanctuary in Delta, 3 BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT-
HERONS and 6 SANDHILL CRANES were seen.  In the trees along the
Reifel entrance road, not far from the parking lot, a BARRED OWL and
a GREAT HORNED OWL were seen not far from each other.

A BARN OWL was seen at 8:30 PM hunting near the intersection of
Highway 10 and 152nd Street in Surrey.

Sightings for Monday, November 13

An AMERICAN DIPPER was seen along the shoreline in the
western part of the Maplewood Conservation Area in North
Vancouver, and was quite unusual for that locality.

A TOWNSEND'S WARBLER was seen near the Wildlife Rescue
Association facilities on the south side of Burnaby Lake in

A NORTHERN PYGMY-OWL was seen in Lions Bay, and killed
a small songbird which could not be identified.

A GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE was seen on the lawn at
Jericho Park in Vancouver.

If you have any questions about birds or birding in the Vancouver
area, please call Peter at 604-736-0991, Viveka at 604-531-3401,
or Larry at 604-465-1402. Thank you for calling the Vancouver
Rare Bird Alert, and good birding.

For further information about birding in the Vancouver area, log
onto the Vancouver Natural History Society's website at

Wayne C. Weber
Delta, BC
contopus at telus.net

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