[Tweeters] Yard birds, nothing rare

Cliff Drake cliff at cliffdrake.net
Sun Nov 26 13:57:33 PST 2006

Hi Gang

I had a very busy lunch hour today, First off I saw 50-60 American
Robins in the trees across the street and on the lawns along with a few
Starlings. Then seeing some movement closer in I saw 4 Ruby-crowned
Kinglets in the lilac. When they flew off they were replaced by a
Bewick's Wren. There were Northern Flicker flights everywhere, I can
only be sure of 3 individuals, but it seemed like a lot more. 

The back porch had about 20 Oregon Juncos (I scattered some seed for
them.) and a flock of Bush Tits visiting the suet. An Adult male Anna's
drank some new sugar water and a Male / Female N Flicker Pair, Red
Shafted, were on the lawn. Earlier in the day I had an intergrade Male
N Flicker, Red shafted body with red malar stripes, yellow under the
wings and tail and a partial red nape, missing the middle. Back in the
front yard there were two Bewick's Wrens in the lilac and on the lawn
with the Robins were a Song Sparrow and most surprising, a
White-crowned Sparrow. Surprising that it was in my yard, thats a
first. Another bird I saw that's become rare it seems was a House
Finch, I rarely see them anymore.

I left out the House Sparrows, they're always around, but what wasn't
were the Crows, only one the whole time, they're usually present in
scores. Maybe they're all down the hill at the locks...

Cliff Drake
Seattle WA (Ballard)
cliff at cliffdrake.net

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