[Tweeters] a couple birds from Sequim 11/26

Scott Atkinson scottratkinson at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 27 12:56:29 PST 2006


Just before the snows descended yesterday at Sequim, had a couple 
interesting sightings about town.  On the pond off Woodcock/?Kirner Rd, I 
had a female CANVASBACK, an uncommon species we only get singly or so about 
every other year on the CBC.  Rarer were two eclipse/or 1st-yr male REDHEAD 
on the northeast of the three Kitchen Dick ponds near the DRA.  Lastly, a 
flock of 30 DOWITCHER, sp. overflew Helen's Pond, a high number for so late 
and who knows--maybe there's a late Short-bill in there somewhere...All give 
rise to hope that each will linger to Dec 18, the Big Day, hope the deep 
freeze doesn't flush them south.  Also, the HARLAN'S HAWK 
(light-intermediate morph) remains in the area, and several SHORT-EARED OWLS 
and ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRDS are in the area as well, according to 'ol Bob B.

We also took the M/V Coho trip on Sat morn from PA to Victoria, Nov. 25; 35 
species total, nothing earthshaking as the wind was unfavorable for blowing 
in the pelagic types.  The Ancient Murrelet count was just 36 total, and 
there was nary a tubenose, but I did have a (still) breeding-plumaged murre 
in the central strait that might have been a Thick-billed, but was just too 
far away for good study of the bill.  There were 6 gull sp, including a 
number of notably lingering BONAPARTE'S (not yet recorded for the 
PA-to-Victoria ferry CBC yet) and a nice count of about 50 THAYER'S, also a 
single CALIFORNIA (another was at Three Crabs 11/26) and four HERRING GULLS.

Scott Atkinson
Lake Stevens
mail to:  scottratkinson at hotmail.com

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