[Tweeters] ANCIENT MURRELET in Yakima!!!

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Hi Denny and Tweets

Denny, do you provide your Star Trek teleporters to other people? That must 
be the way you are planning on getting to Seattle this morning, as 
everything else is at a standstill. Hope the bird makes it and that you can 
get over.

Brian H. Bell
Woodinville WA
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> Hi Tweeters,
> This morning at 6:00 Eddie Rose found an immature Ancient Murrelet in his 
> yard on the west side of Yakima, as it was pushing itself across the snow, 
> penguin-style, towards the water feature at the front of his house.  He 
> and his wife, Janet, put it in a bird cage and tried to feed it.  Janet 
> showed a photo to her boss, a birder, who identified it.  They called the 
> WDFD but they didn't seem too interested, and finally got my phone number. 
> I picked the murrelet up this evening and put it in my bathtub.  It seems 
> to be resting quietly.
> Eddie bought a few small goldfish, after the murrelet refused shrimp and 
> tuna fish.  We fed it three fish earlier this evening and will try some 
> smashed shrimp soon.
> My wife and I will be driving it to Seattle tomorrow, if it survives the 
> night, to release it at Myrtle Edwards Park on the north end of the 
> Seattle waterfront.  This is the third Ancient Murrelet to be found in 
> Yakima County.  The first was found on Nov. 20, 1950.  It now resides at 
> the University of Puget Sound.  The second was found, alive, on Nov. 20, 
> 1951, in an irrigation ditch near Mabton.  Two days later it was found 
> dead and partially eaten.
> Photos of this Ancient Murrelet can be seen in the new photos folder on my 
> website.
> Denny Granstrand
> Yakima, WA
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