[Tweeters] Feeding Hummingbirds in the Winter

Chris Caviezel chris at wildlifeonly.com
Wed Nov 29 13:34:50 PST 2006


Here are a few tips that don't seem to have discussed with regards to
feeding hummingbirds in the winter.

First, instead of a 4 to 1 mixture, try a 3 to 1 mixture. This will prevent
freezing down to about 27 degrees.

Second, if you are home and have time, swap out your feeder periodically
throughout the day (keep one in the refrigerator.

Third, when temperatures are consistently below freezing, bring your feeder
in at night and store in your refrigerator.

Last winter, and Anna's was verified as living in Ellensburg, where the
temperatures easily get down in to the teens and single digits. The only
reason this particular homeowner stumbled across the Anna's is because they
"forgot" to take down their feeder after the Rufous migrated away for the
winter. Never underestimate the power of these little guys!

Chris Caviezel
chris at wildlifeonly.com


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