[Tweeters] Klickitat County Fall 2006 North American Migration Count

Bob Hansen bobhansen at gorge.net
Fri Oct 6 11:48:20 PDT 2006


The following are the results from our September 16th Fall Migration 
Count of Klickitat County.  We should have the total results on the 
web soon, species by species and sector by sector.

We can always use more help, regardless of your skill level. 
Recruiting for these counts is an on going activity.

Thank you for your interest,

Total birds observed ( both seen and/or heard)    8527
Total species observed Count day                       131
Additional Count week species                             14

Total species observed within week                     145

Total teams                                                        11
Total participants                                                 28

Team hours walking                                             26
Team hours driving                                               63

Team miles walking                                              17
Team miles driving                                              793

Other interesting non-bird observations: Mink, beaver and otter; 
three Bobcats ( mom and two kittens)

Unusual birds observed:  Red-necked grebe, Eared grebe, Green heron, 
Redhead ( duck), Ruddy duck, Red-shouldered hawk, Ferruginous hawk, 
Swainson's hawk, Rough-legged hawk, Peregrine and Prairie falcons, 
Golden eagle, Sandhill crane, Least and Baird's sandpipers, 
Bonaparte's gull, Common tern, Gray catbird, Sage thrasher, Sage 
sparrow, 6 different warblers

Most numerous species...Brewers's blackbird ( 899) Yellow-rumped 
warbler ( 682), European starling ( 658), Western bluebird ( 599)

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