[Tweeters] Mansfield Long-eared Owls

merdave at homenetnw.net merdave at homenetnw.net
Sun Oct 8 15:58:08 PDT 2006

 On Oct. 5th my birding friend and I were at the site you mentioned, and saw 
the shotgun shells, bird parts and dead porcupine.  (I live in Bridgeport.)  
We took some of the wings to show to Game Dept. guys in hopes something can 
be done.  As recently as the last month we saw 12 Long-eared Owls there.   
When they are disturbed they just fly round and round; land, and then fly 
some more.  So it would be easy to shoot them all, I think. 

Let's hope some left and eventually more will return.  On the 5th there was 
one Barn Owl seen.  If I find out anything locally, I'll report it.   
Meredith Spencer 

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