[Tweeters] Spokane Bird Alert Oct 8, 2006

craigco 2cbird at hughes.net
Sun Oct 8 17:23:43 PDT 2006

Oct 8, 2006
The following interesting birds have been found in Spokane Co in the past
two days.

A BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER was at the south end of Eloika Lake 10/08/06. This
is group year bird number 236. Despite this being a poor year for
shorebirds due to a lack of mudflats, the group has managed to find all
expected shorebirds, plus a rare Sanderling.

1 to 3 LAPLAND LONGSPURS are still north of West Medical Lake. From Thorpe
Road, go south on Ladd Road. Start looking immediately & go up to a mile
south. If the irrigation circle is running, concentrate on puddles of

2 OSPREY were still at Williams Lake Oct 7.
3 LONG-BILLED DOWITCHERS and 1 WHITE PELICAN were still at Philleo Lake Oct
8. About 50 LESSER SCAUP were on Granite Lake Oct 8 as diving ducks
continue to arrive.

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