[Tweeters] Peregrine

Nick Lyle nickjean at whidbey.com
Mon Oct 9 08:53:01 PDT 2006

8 am Monday Oct. 9
Just watched a Peregrine Falcon bring down a duck near the fresh  
water pond at the tip of Bush Point, Freeland, WA.  Thirty or so  
crows immediately gathered to scold and take turns swooping at the  
falcon.  The crows seemed a bit less bold than they are with other  
birds of prey and left after about 10 minutes.  The Falcon has the  
wide sideburns of the Pacific ( Peales) variety.  The Falcon began  
plucking and eating the duck before the duck expired and the falcon  
went on to remove a a lot of feathers.  At one point a neighbor  
driving off allarmed the Falcon enough that it took off.  The Falcon  
tried to lift off with the duck in it's talons, but dropped the duck  
and circled around the immediate area for a few minutes, hovering,  
looking around, circling, etc. before returning to the dead duck.  At  
8:50 the falcon is still feeding on the duck.  I believe it was a  
Mallard, but it was hard to see in the flurry of wings as the falcon  
brought the duck down to earth.

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