[Tweeters] RCKI's at UW outside MGH & BLO!!

Dave Parent dpdvm at whidbey.com
Thu Oct 12 09:10:57 PDT 2006

This exchange has made me smile. Back in the old days when I was employed as
a "sanitation engineer" we were careful to not perform CC's and ULG's too
early in the morning. (Crashing Cans and Unnecessarily Loud Grunts)

Dave Parent, Freeland, WA

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what's uw???


dave tee

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Sorry tweets, but with all of the whining going on on here about codes and
stuff, I couldn't resist.

The real message here is that yesterday I heard the first Ruby-crowned
Kinglets (RCKI) season on the UW Campus outside Mary Gates Hall (MGH) right
across from Bloedel Hall (BLO). Brought a smile to my face to hear the
exciteable chit chid-dit, chid-dit sound of my hyper little friends.

Cheers to all who have senses of humor on here, and to those of you who
don't. Before anyone else gets upset, just remember; it's just birds!

Brett A. Wolfe

m_lincolnii at yahoo.com

Seattle, WA


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