[Tweeters] Re: VATH - 4 letter codes again

monte merrick montemerrick at speakeasy.net
Thu Oct 12 17:33:04 PDT 2006

hi gang

in the clinic i worked at in los angeles we always used four-letter 
codes (of course) but what was really funny was hearing staff pronounce 
the code as if it was a word - so that after tubing the peeko (PECO - 
pelagic cormorant) and giving the weeger (WEGR - western grebe) his 
meds - i would often have to take the kohmoo and the weegoo (guess who 
they might be!!!) out of the warm water pools and put them under a heat 
important to remember that a rose is a rose, and all that, but in any 
case words are great good fun - besides, what exactly is a towhee????

take care

monte merrick
wildlife rehabilitator/oiled bird care specialist
lummi island washington
montemerrick at speakeasy.net

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