[Tweeters] tail-less black-capped chickadee

Kevin Mack kmack at paws.org
Thu Oct 19 13:49:39 PDT 2006

We receive quite a few birds here at PAWS that are missing their
rectrices. They are usually cat attack victims or animals that have
been hit by cars. As long as the feather follicles have not been
damaged, they usually grow their tail back nicely.

Kevin Mack
Naturalist, PAWS Wildlife Center
Lynnwood, WA


From: William Kaufman [mailto:beaux at u.washington.edu]
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A tailless chickadee in my yard this summer - also a tailless
raccoon. . . .

Bill Kaufman
Woodinville, WA

on 10/18/06 10:16 PM, Rolan Nelson at rnbuffle at yahoo.com wrote:

I'll chime in too. last summer, I believe, a large gull flew
over the Hundred Acre Woods (NE Lakewood, Pierce Co) and it was also
completely tailless. I marveled that it could fly at all!


Craig Kerns <cekerns at eskimo.com> wrote:

I had a juvenile towhee a few years back with no tail
feathers in my
yard. It took me a little while to figure out what it
was since part
of their character is that tail twitching around while
they're kicking
leaves and such out of the way.

I figured it had been a close call with a predator of
some kind, be it
cat or hawk.

Craig Kerns
Lake Forest Park, WA
Backyard birding pictures at

On Wed, 18 Oct 2006 16:44:16 -0700, you wrote:

>I have five chickadees visiting the sunflower seed
feeder. One of
>them has no tail whatsoever.

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