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Wednesday, October 18, 9:45 PM. Hi, this is Tom Aversa. There was an adult
LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL at Lake Lenore in Grant County today. Thanks.

Thursday, October 19, 10:10 PM. This is Rachael Lawson, BirdBox system
administrator, with some recent reports from Tweeters. Today, Gene and Nancy
Hunn found a LAPLAND LONGSPUR in Seattle at the Montlake Fill. The bird was
just east of the trail heading south from Kiacom (sp?) Road not far from
lodge E 5.
On Wednesday Art Wang reported that the BAR-TAILED GODWIT is still present
in Westport. He found it with a large group of MARBLED GODWITS on the rocks
behind the Coast Guard facility off float 21. Also on Wednesday, Dee
reported a RUFF at Bottle Beach. On Tuesday, Howard Armstrong reported a
BLUE JAY on Guemes Island, at 7141 Guemes Island Road. The homeowners name
is Judith Horton, and she is happy to have birders visit. Her number is
That's it. Good birding.

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