[Tweeters] Tailless chickadee grows tail!

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I didn't read all the various messages relating to the tailess Chickadee, but I just want to say something about regrowing feathers.

If I recall my readings corectly (I used to have a Peach-faced Lovebird in Arizona), when feathers are pulled out by the roots, they regrow right away; but when they are clipped, etc., then you have to wait for the next molt for feathers to regrow. That could be a clew as to what happened to this individual.

Phil Hotlen
Bellingham, WA
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From: Wendy John <wendy.john at comcast.net>

> We observed the formerly tailless black-capped chickadee this

> afternoon after its absence from the feeder for several days. At this

> time, it sports a tail about 1/2 inch long. For those who may have

> been worrying about this bird, and I know I was, I wanted to say that

> whatever the cause of the missing tail, the bird now seems to be on

> the way to a normal state of affairs. Thanks to all who commented on

> my query as to the reason for the missing tail.


> Incidentally, we noticed a tailless golden-crowned sparrow a few days

> ago at Magnuson Park!


> Wendy John

> wendy.john at comcast.net

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