[Tweeters] 53 dead owls

Sherry Hagen littlebirder at pacifier.com
Thu Oct 26 21:29:02 PDT 2006

My husband (Arden) just returned from a business trip to Idaho this week and this is his report:

While driving I-90 and I-86 between Mt. Hope and Idaho Falls (Idaho) and then back to Mt. Hope, I counted 49 "road kill" Barn Owls and 4 Great Horned Owls. Other wild life road kill included coyote, badger, deer, rabbit and some other bird species.

In areas where farming was not occurring near the freeway and sage brush dominated, owl road kill was not evident.
Arden Hagen iambakerman at comcast.net

Sherry Hagen
Vancouver, WA
littlebirder at pacifier.com

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